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Ande Estrella

"Nice Guys" by Ande Estrella was one of many collaborative projects Josh and Ande have done together. Recorded, produced, mixed, and mastered by Josh Kay, be on the lookout for new music from us coming soon!

Funk Machine

"Did Somebody Order a Pizza?" from Funk Machine's debut album Ants in the School Yard mastered by Josh Kay. Be sure to check out the full album for more tracks also recorded and/or mixed by Josh Kay. 

Mt Greylock

"What's My Name" from Boston based alternative rock band Mt Greylock's debut EP ratcity; recorded, produced, mixed and mastered by Josh Kay. Just one of many tracks created by this dream team of musicians!


Recorded, produced, mixed and mastered by Josh Kay, "Little Bird 'Mingo' " is a vulnerable look into Montserrat's songwriting. She hopes that her lyrics can help her listeners work through their own hardships, and inspire self-care through music.

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